always, sometimes, everyday

by Boys for Pele

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We recorded these songs on 2" tape at The Crash Factory in Nottingham. We didn't use a computer. We didn't comp, cut, chop, paste, quantise, tweak or autotune.
What you hear is exactly what it was... the 2 of us, in a room, with a couple of guitars, a drum kit and some microphones.


released October 14, 2012

recorded by Mark Elmore

original painting by Emmy, aged 6



all rights reserved


Boys for Pele Nottinghamshire, UK

There are 2 of us. We write songs and play them on things. Sometimes we record them. Sometimes we just think about recording them, whilst eating Nutella from the jar & watching Grey's Anatomy.
We like songs. And guitars and pianos. And drums and melodies and overdrive pedals. And eating Nutella from the jar.
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Track Name: You'll Learn
from now on there'll be no forgiveness
one by one, you and your sweetest sickness
well, you'll learn.
swallow down, still singing every Sunday?
lies that bound you to me stretch but wont break.
but you'll learn one day, won't you?

this is your fault, too many broken promises echo round these four walls. rain will expose long buried bones, til there's no trace of you at all.

sticks and stones, words I can't bare repeating.
I don't know whose secrets I've been keeping
but you'll learn one day, won't you?

and each time they say your name
I feel myself changing shape
but what doesn't kill you though, right?
Track Name: Foolproof
tired eyes fake a smile
just like always
burned out by twenty five
pilot light fades

then it's you, just you
after all these walls come falling down all around you
once so sure your masterplan was foolproof

memories fade, endings change
friends grow distant
soon the cold will swallow you whole
time always wins

stay with me, quietly wait
a silence to fill the space
breathe in now slowly exhale
consume this, a love devoured
and through this, death be defied
each hum of these lungs now amplified
slowly I fray at the seams
quietly falling to pieces
atom by atom I disappear
Track Name: Laverne
I know that face, the little thunder cloud
shoulders braced for another down
you plot your course for an all time low
oh it's so good to see you though
missed you

they dealt your hand when you knew the game
played as planned though the rules all changed
still raised your bet, did it all for show
oh it's so good to see you though
missed you

keep talking, it's just a year
these awkward silences will clear
and you'll miss how you fell apart
in these once warm and open arms
I need this, don't fail me now
always, sometimes, everday, I miss you